CALL4CREATORS launch – our report

Within the various activities planned for the EPF project, Lunàdigas owned and hosted the first part of the CALL4CREATORS (previously known as EPF Contest) on 4th June 2024, which will be followed by other two parts described below, one in December 2024 and the final one in December 2025.

The change from being a Contest to becoming a Call is motivated by our strong belief that in order to activate change and encourage the participation of a broader network community, we do not need a competition, but we rather to engage citizens on various layers of action, thus reaching a greater and more diverse audience to identify measures and policies needed to progress towards achieving gender equality.
Alongside workshops, round tables and seminars, which have reached so far entrepreneurs, workers, unions and university students, the CALL4CREATORS aims to engage the creatives minds out there, possibly getting a younger crowd actively involved in the project.
The launch gave us the opportunity not only to highlight the call rules, but also to gave a thorough presentation again of the EPF projects and partners and the CERV programme.
EPF framework is designed to allow intersection of our different types of events (Global Community Meetings, Local Community Meetings and EPF CALL 4CREATORS), to make sure they will not be isolated moments, but rather all connected to each other, hopefully triggering new conversations and setting the base for a growing community around EPF.

The CALL4CREATORS is a call to action for creators to share their thoughts, experiences, and artworks with the rest of the community members and the EPF audience through our website, with a strong social network linkage and a multimedia gallery to host creators’
Every 3 months, EPF will communicate during GCM the 3 topics that will be discussed monthly during the local meetings (such as , for the LCM organised so far, “Women and entrepreneurship” , “Women and political life” and “Family Caring”) ; communication will take place through the EPF website and social channels, inviting everyone to contribute to the discussion also by producing audio, video and text content around one or more themes among those addressed during the project.

The topics discussed in the local and general meetings are to be considered an inspiration and not a limit for the creatives who participate in the call.
Participation is free of charge and open to all people, individuals and groups of all geographical origins and takes place through the registration and submission of videos, photographs, apps, texts, podcasts, music, illustrations, animations.
The registration form is available on a dedicated page on the EPF-CERV website and each participant will be asked to fill it in with some data about the author and the creative message they are applying for.
Each participant will also authorise EPF to disseminate the works via its website, its social media as well as those of the project partners.
Registrations to participate to the Launch of the call are stored on a Google form file, gathering name, surname, e-mail, countries of connection, gender and consent for personal data storage for statistical usage by the EPF consortium and the EC and consent for receiving information about the EPF project.

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