Gli anni in tasca

Gli anni in tasca

Nationality: Italy

Date: 2015


“These are grown-up topics.” How many times as a child have we heard it say it, how often do we say it?

Girls and boys, on the other hand, seem to have precise opinions about choices, individual freedoms, family, children.

Do not imagine a childish, fairytale, imaginary fresco: this group of young people – talking about themselves with great spontaneity with the authors of Lunàdigas, as if everyone had already thought about the subject for a long time – has very clear ideas. Different opinions, imaginaries, visions, positions and desires in an atmosphere of dialogue far removed from the confrontations of adults.

In an attempt to find the time of the verb of an imaginary action, of a future projection that is in the present of their narration of that moment, they are already transforming the present of us adults by giving us back with the lucidity and poetics of their childhood yearnings, the fears, the responsibilities, the essential choices to “become adults”: “ life, if you do not do the things you feel, then it is no longer your life”.

From the documentary “Lunàdigas – or concerning childfree women“, by Nicoletta Nesler and Marilisa Piga (IT – 2016)

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