Christina of Sweden

Christina of Sweden – impossible monologue

Date: 2019

Description: Christina of Sweden was born in Stockholm on December 7, 1626. She became queen at the age of six and – on the death of her father, Gustavus Adolphus the Great – at the age of eighteen she took the government of the country into her own hands. She had also received a good political education, but her interests, which earned her the name of Minerva of the North, were directed above all to letters, the arts, philosophy. She was challenged for these interests and for her refusal of marriage, which would have meant “submission to a man.” In 1654, overcoming resistance from family members, the court and councillors, she renounced the throne. Having given up the crown, she left Sweden and began the long journey to Italy. She arrived in Rome accompanied by her fame of being an extravagant person, with a bizarre and unconventional character, including the fact of riding in male costume. In Carlo A. Borghi’s impossible monologue realized by Lunàdigas, Cristina Di Svezia tells us about her life at court and her affinities with another Swedish woman and lunàdigas, albeit from another time: the divine Greta Garbo. The author imagines Christina of Sweden giving voice to the reasons that led her to renounce the throne and choose not to have children.

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