Rosa Luxemburg

Rosa Luxemburg- impossible monologue

Date: 2016

Description: Rosa Luxemburg – born in Poland in 1871 – philosopher, economist, politician, revolutionary. It was 1897 and Rosa wanted to participate in the European socialist party that had developed in Germany, but the Reich would never give permission for the transfer to a Jewish socialist. No problem, Rosa turned to her friend Olympia L├╝beck who found her the right person: her son Gustav who accepted the fictitious marriage. Proud advocate of revolutionary socialism, she also had to fight with her own comrades to defend the fundamental freedoms in which the revisionists were very little interested and even less the Leninists. She wrote, participated in struggles and strikes, was imprisoned for three years, but did not give up, until, in 1919, she was kidnapped, murdered and her body thrown into a canal. “Since then, that channel smells of rose and class struggle and that scent is carried to the sea” as for the words C.A. Borghi – author of the Impossible Monologues – performed by the actress Monica Trettel.

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